ABOUT North of the 10

In the dawn of social media, the Chicago entertainment industry didn’t know what to do with another model, actor, dancer, chef or gamer. The North of the 10 movie follows as 5 struggling but talented and ambitious friends carve their own way as the original influencers.

Promotional movie still from North of the 10.

Meet the guys of North of the 10

The Model.
Cameron Weston (Don Benjamin) is a wannabe fashion model counting on his good looks and talent to get him through the business. However, whether due to bad luck or clumsiness he always seems to mess things up. As a hard worker and romantic at heart he’s quick to get back on the saddle and persist through any challenge.

The Actor.
Levon Rooker (Tosin Morohunfola) works as an actor mostly as a featured extra or a one-line guest star. Such roles make him the primary breadwinner of all the roommates and he’s happy to share what little wealth he earns to support his friends. While he often doubts that he’s any good, Levon knows where he wants to go and keeps chasing that North of the 10 dream.

The Gamer.
Brandon Jenkins (DeStorm Power) is the smartest person in the group with the least professional output to back that fact. His lack of social skills and always wandering mind means he’s got a lot of half-baked plans, incomplete projects and makes him and great gamer. He works at an arcade and is developing his own game for mobile phones. He’ll finish someday.

The Chef.
Mike Towers (Matt Rife) is full of love. He shares his love for his friends, the world and life in general through the art of cooking. He marvels at each ingredient; how it came from the earth and combines with other ingredients to create new flavor experiences. He practices dutifully at his job behind the concession stand at the movie theater and the local cafe where he works for free just on his skills.

The Dancer.
Shane Brooks (Wes “Wuz Good” Armstrong) is always moving and always trying to make people laugh with his moves. Whether he’s sitting on the bus, walking down the street or in a dance studio, Shane constantly has music in his mind and body. But when an injury tests his sense of humor, he’s forced to think about his future in the world of dance.

Inspired by true events, North of the 10 strikes that authentic balance of drama and comedy through the lens of young entrepreneurs chasing that next viral idea.

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